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The jurisdiction of the Tribe, its General Council, Tribal Council, and Tribal Court, shall extend to the fullest extent permitted by applicable tribal and federal law to the following:

1. All land encompassing the Tribe’s ancestral territory, including all that area from Little River to the north, Bear River Ridge to the south, and from the Pacific Coast out to as far as Berry Summit in the northeast and Chalk Mountain in the southeast.

2. All lands, water and resources as may be hereafter acquired by the Tribe or by the Federal Government in trust for the Tribe, or its citizens, under any grant, transfer, purchase, adjudication, treaty, Executive Order, Act of Congress, or other acquisition, including but not limited to, eighty-eight acres of land held in trust by the United States for the Tribe’s benefit, and located on the south end of Humboldt Bay, California, five miles from the town of Loleta. This new Reservation was established in 1991.

3. All persons within any territory under the jurisdiction of the Tribe.

4. All citizens of the Tribe and their minor children enrolled as Tribal Citizens or eligible for citizenship in the Tribe, wherever located.