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13.15.070 Enforcement.
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Tribal Council shall make a determination as to whether or not there has been a violation of this chapter. Upon a finding that an individual has intentionally violated a provision of this chapter, including failure to rectify a determined violation within reasonable time period or as more particularly prescribed by the Council, the Tribal Council shall, at its option, proceed as follows:

A. Initiate proceedings in any forum of competent jurisdiction, at law or in equity against any person or persons violating or attempting to violate this chapter. The remedy sought may be to restrain violation or to recover damages or both, including legal costs incurred.

B. Initiate direct enforcement action by the Tribal Council when appropriate as follows:

1. If fines are not paid within 30 days of date of notice, the violator’s water will be shut off.

2. Impose a monetary fine not to exceed $25.00 for the first violation and $50.00 for violations thereafter.

C. Initiate direct enforcement action by appropriate local enforcement agency upon recommendation by the Tribal Council. [Ord. 07-01 Art. VII, approved 6/11/01.]