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14.05.010 Findings.
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The Wiyot Tribal Business Council finds and declares as follows:

A. The Wiyot Tribe desires to ensure the health and well being of all people on the Wiyot Tribe Reservation as designated in the Tribal Constitution, residents and visitors alike; and

B. The Wiyot Tribe recognizes the need to promote standards which will protect the lands of the Wiyot Tribe Reservation; and

C. It is important to preserve and secure the health, comfort, welfare, and safety of the general public by safeguarding Tribal residents, protecting property, and preventing damage to the environment of the Wiyot Tribe Reservation and surrounding ecosystems such as Humboldt Bay; and

D. The Wiyot Tribe recognizes that the preservation of wetlands in their natural, undisturbed state is necessary to maintain the physical, hydrological, environmental, and aesthetic benefits for the Wiyot Tribe Reservation and surrounding areas. Also, wetlands are fragile environments that if lost, will deprive Tribal members of important benefits. [Ord. 11-02 Art. I, approved 11/1/02.]