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A. Upon the Tribal Council’s issuance of a temporary or permanent exclusion order, the Tribal Council or exclusion officer is vested by this chapter with the authority to enforce the exclusion order against person who is the subject of exclusion and remove such person from Tribal lands.

B. If a person who is the subject of an exclusion order fails to cooperate or refuses to leave Tribal lands peacefully upon receipt of an exclusion order and is in violation of such order, the Tribal Council or exclusion officer may authorize the use of reasonable force to effectuate the exclusion order. Said authorization may include the assistance of state and local law enforcement officials to remove any violator of the exclusion order from Tribal lands.

C. The Tribal Council may negotiate and enter into any agreement with state or local law enforcement agencies for purposes of enforcing orders of the Tribe to exclude and remove any person and/or their property from Tribal lands pursuant to this chapter.

D. The Tribal Council may commence exclusion proceedings in either state or federal court to enforce an exclusion order issued pursuant to this chapter. [Ord. 01-07 Art. 8, approved 10/22/07.]