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Article III. Licensing and Background Investigation Procedures
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The Commission has the following powers and responsibilities:

A. To conduct or cause to be conducted background investigations;

B. To receive, directly or through its agents, state summary criminal history information, as defined in Cal. Penal Code § 11105(a), as maintained under a license applicant’s name by the California Department of Justice, and to take such measures as are reasonably necessary to prevent the release of such records or information to persons who are not authorized by law to receive the record or information;

C. To prepare or cause to be prepared an investigative report in compliance with this chapter;

D. To review and approve the investigative work done;

E. To obtain and process fingerprints, directly or through its agents;

F. To forward license applications and the results of the background investigations to the National Indian Gaming Commission (“NIGC”) and the State Gaming Agency, to the extent required by IGRA and the Compact;

G. To make eligibility determinations in accordance with this article;

H. To issue, deny, suspend, revoke and renew licenses in accordance with the provisions of this chapter; and

I. To maintain records on persons who have been issued or denied a license, as well as persons otherwise prohibited from engaging in gaming activities within the Tribe’s jurisdiction, for a period of three years from the date on which the license expired or was revoked or denied. [Amended 4/12/04; Ord. 08-03 Art. IX § 1, approved 11/8/03.]