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Any gaming resource supplier who, directly or indirectly, provides, has provided, or is deemed likely to provide at least $25,000.00 in gaming resources in any 12-month period, or who has received at least $25,000.00 in any consecutive 12-month period within the 24-month period immediately preceding application, shall be licensed by the Commission prior to the sale, lease, or distribution, or further sale, lease, or distribution, of any such gaming resources to or in connection with the Tribe’s gaming facilities. The Tribe shall not enter into, or continue to make payments pursuant to, any contract or agreement for the provision of gaming resources with any person whose application to the State Gaming Agency for a determination of suitability has been denied or has expired without renewal. Any agreement between the Tribe and a gaming resource supplier shall be deemed to include a provision for its termination without further liability on the part of the Tribe, except for the bona fide repayment of all outstanding sums (exclusive of interest) owed as of, or payment for services or materials received up to, the date of termination, upon revocation or nonrenewal of the supplier’s license by the Commission based on a determination of unsuitability by the State Gaming Agency. [Amended 4/12/04; Ord. 08-03 Art. IX § 17, approved 11/8/03.]