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The denial, suspension or revocation of a license pursuant to WTC 5.05.250 shall require:

A. Written, certified, return receipt requested or personally hand-delivered notification of the denial, suspension or pending revocation be given to the licensee 10 days in advance of the proposed action;

B. Such written notification shall include information concerning the licensee’s right to a hearing, shall specify the date, time and place for the hearing, and shall also advise the licensee that failure to appear for a scheduled hearing shall forfeit any further right to appeal;

C. The Commission shall make a ruling within three days, and the licensee shall be notified in writing, within three days of the ruling, of the ruling and the licensee’s right to file a petition with the Commission for a rehearing within 15 days of the receipt of the written notification;

D. If the licensee files a petition for a rehearing within 15 days of receipt of the written notification described in the preceding subsection, the Commission shall review any additional information submitted by the licensee with the petition and notify the licensee in writing of its decision, which shall be a final decision.

E. Notwithstanding subsection (A) of this section, the Commission may suspend or revoke a license without advance notice if, in the opinion of the Commission, the continued licensing of the person:

1. Falsified a license application;

2. Poses an immediate threat to the integrity of the Tribe’s gaming operations;

3. Poses a threat to public health or safety; or

4. May violate the Commission’s licensing or other standards. [Amended 4/12/04; Ord. 08-03 Art. IX § 21, approved 11/8/03.]