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The Council, after recommendation from the Wiyot Tribe’s Environmental Department, shall make a determination as to whether or not there has been a violation of this chapter. Upon a finding that an individual has violated a provision of this chapter, including failure to rectify a determined violation within the order of this chapter and within a reasonable time period as more particularly prescribed by the Council, the Tribal Council shall, at its option, proceed with the following contingency plan:

A. Through the Tribe’s attorney, petition a court of competent jurisdiction for the issuance of an injunction requiring such person to comply therewith. In any such suit the court shall have jurisdiction to grant a prohibitory or mandatory injunction, either preliminary or permanent, and to levy such fines in accordance with WTC 14.05.050, as the facts may warrant; or

B. If corrective action is not taken, and said violator is a member of the Tribe, the Tribe may revoke privileges provided by the Tribe. [Ord. 11-02 Art. VI, approved 11/1/02.]