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A. The Commission shall conduct or cause to be conducted all necessary background investigations reasonably required to determine that an applicant is eligible for a license in accordance with the standard set forth in this article. The minimum procedures for conducting background investigations on applicants for licenses are as follows:

1. Criminal history check, including a check of records maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the California Department of Justice;

2. Civil history check;

3. Financial and credit check;

4. Reference check;

5. Previous business and employment check;

6. Relative check;

7. Business and personal associates check;

8. Fingerprint check; and

9. Educational verification.

B. The above information submitted by the applicant may be verified by written or oral communication. The disposition of all potential problem areas noted and disqualifying information obtained shall be documented by the Commission. [Amended 4/12/04; Ord. 08-03 Art. IX § 2, approved 11/8/03.]